Nkwerre Daughters USA

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Dilapidated Building

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Dormitory Needed
Our goal is to build a State-of-the-art dormitory for the girls.  The school population has continued to increase.  We have stayed to provide books, computers and updated infrastructure and learning aids.  St. Catherine’s students, currently take their showers outside, as there are no bathroom facilities.  The pit toilets in use spread disease and infested with dangerous and poisonous reptiles.

Who we are…

Nkwerre Daughters USA became a
non-profit charitable organization in August of 2017.  The organization was founded by the indigenous women of Nkwerre in the Imo State of Nigeria. 

Our vision is to leave no child behind.  Nkwerre Daughters goal is to provide school supplies, healthcare services, nutritious meals to children, and refurbish and repair schools that are in disarray. 

 Under Construction…
We are currently restoring Saint Catherine’s an all-girls secondary school located in  Nkwerre Imo State.  We hope to provide them with the hygienic and humane school environment.

Our Vision is to leave no child behind in the New Millennium, Physically, Spiritually, and Intellectually.

The St. Catherine's


A Recall of how it all Started!

Crowded Dormitories

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New Computer Lab

Nkwerre Daughters Association - USA
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Dining Hall before renovation

Dormitories Overgrown by weeds

Money Talks!
Through generous donations, we have been able to renovate the dining hall and computer lab:
1.   Dining Hall
Main Entrance and Side Doors
Building Outside Pavement
2.        Computer Lab
However, there is still more work to be done!  In the future, we are hoping to renovate or build bathrooms and toilets, classrooms, dormitories, a chapel, and library.  We are also in need of books for the library, school supplies, more computers and the list goes on!
We understand this is a BIG undertaking, but we are forever changing the lives of these children and giving them hope for a brighter future!
With your kind tax-deductible donations, we look forward to serving more people. 
Tax Information
509 (a) (2) Public Charity Status


501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Status

EIN: 27-0241034

St Catherine’s pit toilet & Bathroom

Dilapidated and Unsafe Building

Dining Hall after Renovation