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Welcome to NKWERRE

Nkwerre is a town located on the southeastern part of the Igboland in Nigeria, in the heart of Imo State. Nkwerre is on a tableland overlooking a wide vally which saparates it on the north eastern from down hill Umuma-Isiaku. It is bounded on the west by Amaigbo, on the north by Amaokpara and Eziama and on the south by Umudi and Owerre-Nkworji.

The daugthers of Nkwerre were brought under the umbrella of the Nkwerre Daughters Association (NDA) irrespective of creed, religious denomination, village, social status, education, family, background, therefore giving us a sense of belonging and  sisterhood. NDA has been instrumental to the socio-economic development of Nkwere and has brought unity of purpose to all Nkwerre daughters. 

Here are some of the pictures of the first project -- Dining Hall renovation from start to finish

Home of Nkwerre Daughters

​(Ada Opia Egbe)

NDA has been in inception since 1991 and its memebership is the absolute right of all absolute of all women born of the male lineage in Nkwerre. Members are greeted as:
Ada Opia Eghe Udo!!
Ada Opia Egbe Udo!!

Na oganihu anyi,  na nke ndi di anyi,

na umu anyi!!!

Nda branches are found in various locations with the order of establishment, owerri, Lagos, Nkwerre, Aba, Port Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, Jos, London, and USA being the youngest and most populous. ND-USA is poised to relieving distress for the underprivileged through education and youth empowerment establishment and maintenance of infrastructures with the hope of combating community deterioration

Mission Statement: 
Our mission is to foster peace, unity and sisterhood to all daughters of Nkwerre town while giving back to the home that nutured us